Monday, January 08, 2007

not much pokah today

final preparations are in order for my trip. I played jsut a little bit todat in between working a "split shift". my ouctome wasnt good, but no need to focus on that detail at this moment, besides we all know online black jack is rigged, and it was rigged to the tune of $20 for me....

I pulled an all nighter last night, waking up at noon on sunday, and staying up until 11 am today (monday). I left work and went home and slept for 3 hours, before waking up so that my wife could make a drs appt. I then proceeded to return to work tonight about 5:30 pm. The whole goal of this exercise is to get onto, or close, to aussie time. I think the only thing I have succeeded at is screwing up my sleep pattern completely. I am nearly exhausted, and feeling some mental handicap. Good times are ahead!

Today I recieved my passport, WOOHOO! I am now free to leave the country, and be accepted in foriegn lands. This will be the farthest I have ever travelled. In fact when I get off the plane in LAX, it will be the farthest I have travelled. In the past my journeys have only taken me as far west as Las vegas, and east (south east) to Daytona Beach. I am definelty looking forwardto the experience, even with the bit of apprehension involved with flying.

I picked up some more necessaties today, and with the exception of 3-4 things I am read to go. I still havent packed my bags, but hope to get that done tommorrow. I am also going to focus on getting some quality time in with the kids tommorrow before I leave.


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